GravMagnet - Prototype

So I've spent the last few weeks developing this small prototype (I know a few weeks is way too long for this small thing but don't judge me (please)) and not sure where I want to take it.

My initial idea was for it to be a first-person platformer with anti-gravity mechanics but I realised that this is completely out of my reach (Vector3s are hard okay) so I turned it into something I could manage. A platformer.


Placeholder Art (probably)

The main (and only) mechanic is that you have the ability to change gravity in the direction of a surface. Basically, you can aim at a flat surface and then gravity will switch to the direction of the surface. Confused? It wasn't that bad an explanation was it?

This way of switching gravity means that you can't just fly across the level but have to strategically stick to different surfaces to progress. The nature of the mechanic also means that I am not restricted to linear level but can instead make levels with terrain, enemies, and pick ups all over the place. Every time you stick to a surface the camera rotates with you and the entire level shifts. This means levels have to be designed to be played from every angle.

I'm not sure whether to carry on with this project, the premise is cool but ultimately gets boring after a while. But I could definitley spice it up a bit with some zero-g and other stuff. I'll have a think.

That's all for now, make sure to have a look at the prototype (it's free)

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Jun 15, 2019

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